Lube-Shuttle® Origins

Germany's MATO GmbH & Co. KG developed the Lube-Shuttle® cartridge as a replacement for the standard open-ended grease cartridge in order to provide a much cleaner and more efficient way of greasing.

Not only is the cartridge exceptionally easy to change, but since it's sealed with a plunger of its own and operated by vacuum it eliminates the need for the heavy spring and plunger found on a standard grease gun. As any traditional grease gun user knows, the spring and plunger is the source of much frustration, mess, and downtime.

Neck Design

The Lube-Shuttle® cartridge is designed for efficient use in all conditions. The key advantage of the cartridge system is the 1-inch threaded neck.  Not only does the threaded neck allow for quick cartridge changes but it also pulls the cartridge tight, creating an airtight seal that prevents air gaps that stop greasing activities. The 1" diameter is the perfect size to balance durability with grease delivery volume.

Follower Plate

The Lube-Shuttle® System removes the need for a spring and plunger assembly at the rear of a grease gun. Instead there is a specialized yet cost-effective follower plate/plunger. The follower plate is designed to not only fit securely within the tube to prevent leakage but also to form fit to the top of the tube allowing the plunger to fully empty the cartridge of grease!


Perhaps the largest advantage of the Lube-Shuttle® cartridge is MATO’s commitment to quality.  Bulk users will enjoy the ability to refill and reuse the cartridges and occasional users will enjoy the fact that the grease doesn't harden and the tubes don't get soft and decay resulting in a nasty mess inside your grease gun.    

After several uses or intense wear the Lube-Shuttle® cartridges do have to be discarded, but not to worry, they are recyclable because they are made of low impurity plastic and because they clean out nearly 100% of the grease!   





Here's a video that shows how a Lube-Shuttle® grease cartridge can be replaced in under 20 seconds with no mess and no aggravation. Compare this to the time and mess it takes to replace a standard grease cartridge and consider how much more likely you or your staff are to do the greasing work required, how much time you'll save, and how much less downtime and cost you'll have.



Lube-Shuttle® products are exclusively imported into North America by AET Systems, Inc. and sold in Canada by official licensee Lube-Shuttle® Canada.