No mess. No downtime.

You've invested a lot in your equipment. Your time is valuable. You want maximum up-time and high resale value. You don't want greasing to be a chore that you or your employees skip.

Keep things running smoothly with Lube-Shuttle® grease guns, grease, and convenience accessories.

The grease gun in its current form was invented in 1916. Over a hundred years ago. Lube-Shuttle® is the innovation you've been looking for. Made in Germany and used globally for over 10 years, it's finally available for Canadians to purchase from a Canadian source.

This is what we hear all the time: My grease gun sucks. I hate it. My employees hate it. It doesn't work reliably and it's messy.

The Mato Lube-Shuttle® grease gun is an environmentally-friendly premium product with a zinc plated all-steel pumphead and cartridge protection tube, 11,600 psi max pressure capability, a tool-free cartridge opening with re-usable screw-cap grease cartridges, and fast and clean loading. All with the type and quantity of grease visible at a glance.

Paired with Wagner's AirTec® suite of premium grease products for a range of the most common greasing scenarios, Lube-Shuttle® is the #1 choice worldwide for homeowners, mechanics, heavy equipment operators, farmers, machinery operators, boaters, truckers, RV owners and forestry workers.

Lube-Shuttle® is the only consumer and commercial grease system with a threaded grease cartridge. Join the Lube-Shuttle® community and enjoy all the benefits that come with having the best grease gun you can own.

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Only sales taxes and shipping charges apply, where applicable.
Products generally ship same-day by Canada Post Expedited Parcel.

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