How to Choose the Right Grease

Lithium? Moly? Synthetic? Lets figure out which is right for you!
Lube Shuttle Grease Containers

Types of Grease and Uses

G200EP Lithium Grease Containers

G200 EP Premium Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease

The G200 by AirTec® for the Lube-Shuttle® system is a premium lithium 12-hydroxystearate multi-purpose grease designed for high speed, high pressure applications. This a premium, all-round grease for use in most applications.

Designed for stability and function this grease will not quickly oxidize or get hard like many greases, instead G200 will remain soft and continue to provide lubrication over long working hours or long downtime periods. It is formulated with a proprietary anti wear additive that actively works to keep metal surfaces smooth, minimizing wear and friction. 

G200 is a great grease for manufacturing equipment, lawnmowers, compact tractors, and general greasing.  


Limitations.   Not recommended for temperatures over 375°F, not recommended for heavy equipment or large pins and bushings.

Specifications: DIN 51502 NLGI2

Base Oil Vis. (40°C) 195mm2/s  Temperature Range  -22°F to +265° Drop Temperature  375°F

Applications:  Farms, Hobby Farms, Lawnmowers, High Speed Bearings, Manufacturing


MoS2  Lithium Moly Grease Containers

MoS2 Lithium Moly Grease

The MoS2 Moly by AirTec® for the Lube-Shuttle® system is a premium lithium 12-hydroxystearate grease with a 3% molybdenum disulfide additive which makes it the right choice for heavy wear points such as pins and bushings. 

The premium moly additive in MoS2 is designed to adhere to metal surfaces and provide an extra level of protection against heavy wear and extreme pressures.  MoS2 is best suited for use in farm equipment, loaders, backhoes, and general heavy duty greasing. 

Limitations.   Not recommended for temperatures over 375°F, not recommended for high speed bearings

Specifications: DIN 51502 KPF 2 K-30   NLGI2

Base Oil Vis. (40°C) 155mm2/s  Temperature Range  -22°F to +265° Drop Temperature  375°F

Applications:  Heavy duty equipment such as loaders, bulldozers, excavators, and over the road trucks


P100 Polyurea Grease Containers

P100 Polyurea Grease

The P100 Polyurea Grease by AirTec® for the Lube-Shuttle® system is a high temperature and high speed grease that is designed for long term use in high speed bearings, sealed bearings, and electric motor bearings.

Thickened with polyurea instead of lithium, this grease has an extended lifespan as it has unmatched stability, low volatility, and low oil bleed.  Many OEM electric motor companies recommend polyurea greases for motor bearings, also, some OEM tractor manufacturers have started to recommend polyurea greases.

P100 also makes an excellent grease for all the bearings found on lawnmowers and rotary cutters (brush hogs).    

Limitations.   Designed for high speed and sealed for life bearings, not recommend for extreme pressure applications

Specifications: DIN 51502 NLGI2

Base Oil Vis. (40°C) 100mm2/s  Temperature Range  -5°F to +285° Drop Temperature  465°F

Applications:  High speed bearings and wheel bearings, compact tractors, lawn mowers, electric motors.

KH150 Full Synthetic Calcium Grease Containers

KH150 Full Synthetic Calcium Grease

The KH150 Full Synthetic Calcium Grease by AirTec® for the Lube-Shuttle® system is a fully synthetic grease with a calcium sophonate thickener making it a top performance grease for high speed applications, wet applications, and applications where temperatures are highly controlled.   

The full synthetic base oil in KH150 is designed to dissipate heat quickly and keep bearings running at a constant optimal temperature.   Additionally KH150 is thickened with calcium sophonate which gives the grease further stability and water resistance.  

This grease is excellent for wheel bearings and high speed bearings found in manufacturing and agricultural machines like round balers.

Limitations.   Not recommended for extreme pressures found in construction, mining, and large pins and bushings

Specifications: DIN 51502 NLGI 1-2

Base Oil Vis. (40°C) 150mm2/s  Temperature Range  -40°F to +320° Drop Temperature  465°F

Applications:  Wheel bearings, travel trailers, boat trailers, lawn mowers, round balers, high speed bearings in general.Li400 Lithium Complex Nano-Ceramic Grease Containers

Li400 Lithium Complex Nano-Ceramic Grease

The Li400 Lithium Complex Nano-Ceramic Grease by AirTec® for the Lube-Shuttle® system is an ultra performance lithium complex grease with a micro/nano ceramic additive package that makes this grease the top performing in pressure rating, temperature rating, and corrosion inhibition.   This is one grease on the market that can handle any application.  

Rated for high and low speed bearings and bushings, low and high temperatures, low and extremely high pressure applications, dry and marine applications there is almost no application where Li400 can not be used. 

Designed by the owner of AET Systems, Inc. and the owner of Wagner High Quality Lubricants Li400 was designed for one purpose—-unmatched performance and diversity.

Instead of buying a bunch of different greases for different applications, with Li400 you can buy only one.  That way you never need to worry about which one is in your grease gun vs. what is in that particular machine.

Limitations.  None.

Specifications: DIN 51502 NLGI2

Base Oil Vis. (40°C) 220mm2/s  Temperature Range  -22°F to +380° Drop Temperature  535°F

Applications:  Recommend for all applications where a lithium grease is specified.  Farms, hobby farms, construction, mining, lawnmowing, trailers, marine grease, high temp, high pressure, low temp.